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Operational Guidelines

Mississippi River Condition Update:
The controlling depth for deep draft vessels is currently 42 feet. 

Bar Pilots
Recommended loading draft  for Southwest Pass is 42 feet. 

Crescent Pilots:

Recommended loading draft for their area of the river is 46 feet.

NOBRA Pilots
Current recommended loading draft is as follows: 47 feet from New Orleans to Mile 180; 45 feet from Mile 180 to Mile 234. 

Vessels transiting between Mile 170.0 AHP to Mile 232.2 AHP shall be daylight only.  The daylight only restriction will remain in place until the Baton Rouge gauge has a reading of 40 feet and falling and the Carrollton Gauge reads 16 feet and falling.

Until Further Notice, All vessels operating within the Baton Rouge Harbor (Mile 225 - Mile 234) shall utilize tethered tug escorts with adequate horsepower alongside while transiting above the I-10 Bridge to the dock, as well as departing the dock and transiting downbound past the I-10 Bridge.  In addition, only one vessel at a time will be allowed to be underway between the I-10 Bridge and the U.S. 190 Bridge.