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Operational Guidelines

Mississippi River Condition Update:
The controlling depth for deep draft vessels is currently 47 feet. 

Bar Pilots
Recommended loading draft  for Southwest Pass is 47 feet. 

Crescent Pilots:

Recommended loading draft for their area of the river is 47 feet.

NOBRA Pilots
Current recommended loading draft is as follows: 47 feet from New Orleans to Mile 180; 45 feet from Mile 180 to Mile 234. 

Any vessel operating within the NOBRA route (i.e. MM 88 AHP through 234 AHP) identified as a High Interest Vessel ("HIV") by any federal authority, state authority and/or the Board of Examiners at a minimum, shall only operate under the following conditions:
A. Two pilots working simultaneously as a team; and
B. Daylight only operations