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(504) 525-3271

(504) 525-3271

One Way Traffic - Nashville Ave. Wharf

One Way Traffic in effect NM 100 AHP.

River Open

The Mississippi River between Mile 177 - Mile 180 is now open to all traffic

River Closure - Remains in Effect

The River remains closed between Mile 177-180

River Closure

River is closed from Mile 177-180.

Crescent Pilots - Change in Draft Recommendation

The Crescent Pilots have advised the recommended loading draft for their area of the river is increased to 47 feet.

Bar Pilots - Change in Loading Draft

The Bar Pilots have increased the recommended loading draft for Southwest Pass to 47 feet effective 10:30 a.m. this morning.

Belmont Anchorage

NOBRA pilots have advised that they will not be anchoring vessels in the Belmont Anchorage due to dredging of the crossing. Once dredging operations are complete in the next few weeks, the anchorage will be opened. This is not a test message

NOBRA Pilots - High Water Notice - Rescinded

Please note the Carrollton Gage has reached 12 feet and falling. As a result, the mooring/unmooring restrictions for the buoy system along the NOBRA Pilots route are no longer in effect.

NOBRA Pilots High Water Restriction

Effective today, the NOBRA Pilots Board of Examiners have advised that Mooring and unmooring operations at all mid-stream transfer facilities shall be restricted to daylight hours. This restriction will remain in effect until the Carrollton Gage drops below 12 feet.

Bar Pilots - Increase in Draft

The Bar Pilots recommended loading draft is 46 feet effective 10:30 this morning. This is not a test message