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(504) 525-3271

For Companies Looking for Stronger Voice for Matters in International Trade

The New Orleans Board of Trade is a valuable resource for companies looking to have a stronger voice on matters related to the trade and maritime segment of the Greater New Orleans economy. Although the trade and maritime sector of the region’s economy

is one of the oldest and most important pillars, it is often overlooked and underrepresented when important policy matters are being proposed. The New Orleans Board of Trade insures that Companies can have a voice at the table when these important matters are being reviewed so that the maritime and trade segments of the regional economy are heard, and heard loudly.

- David Kearney


The Kearney Companies


River Incident Notifications

NOBOT publishes real time notifications of incidents affecting river traffic and commerce including river closures, restrictions and pilot recommendations. Users of the NOBOT Mobile App will receive push notifications in real time when an incident is published.

Incidents are also published here on the NOBOT website.

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